Strengths of JEJ

JEJ is able to handle everything from planning and development to the sale of products.

JEJ is not just a factory that manufactures goods; we handle everything from product planning and development to manufacturing and distribution in response to market trends and consumer needs. Because we can handle everything, we can produce a consistent manufacturing flow.

POINT 1Wide range of product groups– We make choosing fun with our wide range of product groups –

JEJ produces a wide variety of products, from basic to high spec, as well as high quality industrial parts. We produce over a 1000 unique items, with categories ranging from storage and kitchen goods to leisure, DIY, and stationery. By offering abundant specifications and color variations to suit the needs and usage patterns, we make it fun to choose for our customers.

POINT 2Manufacturing capacity– We improve customer satisfaction through the full use of state-of- the-art facilities and technologies –

At JEJ, we recognize the value of investment in facilities and technology. We are the first in the industry to introduce remote control, among other state-of-the-art technologies, into our factories. Through automation, labor saving, as well as the introduction of size and lot-specific molding machines, we’ve attained numerous achievements. In-house work efficiency has improved, which allows us to deliver stable, high-quality products at a lower price.

POINT 3Planning and development capabilities– Total production of original goods –

In order to satisfy customer needs, JEJ has also actively worked on the planning and development of our original goods. Beginning with planning and design tailored to the concept, we produce everything up to the point of shaping items in 2D and 3D by making the most of 3D CAD, 3D printers and “Moldflow” flow analysis software. We have a strong reputation for our short development periods, and we will realize the requests of our customers with speedy suggestions.

POINT 4Bases throughout the country– Thorough production system with five bases nationwide –

In addition to our Sanjo headquarters, JEJ has 5 factory sites located throughout Japan. With this system, our production capacity has dramatically expanded. We have also reduced transportation costs, decreased disaster risks, and shortened delivery times thanks to this system. We strengthen collaboration between factory sites by providing facilities equipped for holding video conferences, as well as introducing information sharing technology. This has improved response and information sharing speed, allowing us to further consolidate our rock-solid production system.

POINT 5Made in Japan– We promise the safe quality of “made in Japan” –

While the volume of foreign-manufactured goods is increasing, JEJ’s products are strictly “Made in Japan.” All products are produced in our factories in Japan. In addition, we conduct strict testing and inspections before shipping in order to send only the highest quality goods. Such efforts for quality have also received high praise at overseas exhibitions, such as Ambiente in Germany and the International Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois.

POINT 6Human resources– Flexible thinking toward changes captures needs –

The average age of a JEJ employee is 34 years old (as of 2016), which is younger than anywhere else in Japan’s manufacturing industry. JEJ also has many female employees, in contrast to most companies in our field. We utilize our employees’ unique strengths and talents, along with an uncomplacent view towards growth and improvement, to check and meet the demands and trends of the market and consumers. As more than 80% of JEJ product consumers are women, we believe only products planned with the eyes of the consumer can meet the needs of the consumers.