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JEJ 代表取締役社長 原祐一

JEJ aims to be an exciting company.

There are even amusement facilities onsite, where you can play after work.
It is our dream and goal to become a company where our employees want to spend their leisure time and want to come to work earlier. In order to provide such corporate welfare benefits, we must be a company that overcomes tough challenges and tasks, and that will last and grow forever.

JEJ’s mission is to develop products that change the way of life around the world, while manufacturing products and disseminating our technologies globally. The beginning of JEJ was theOEM plastic manufacturing business. From now on, however, we will believe in individual potential, set goals and take on new initiatives, technologies and businesses.

  • Curiosity gives rise to problem awareness and inquiring minds that foster innovation. This is JobEnJoyment
  • The opinions of our customers stimulate our originality and creativity, and they also lead us to new technology.
    Never forgetting the feeling of gratitude or what we have set out to accomplish…
    it’s just like a balance toy!

Origin of the company name


A company where employees can enjoy their work and make it their hobby.

In the book “Future company/factory management” that I read before the establishment of the company, it says that in order to hire the young people of the future, the work environment must be enjoyable.It also says that good human resources cannot be recruited unless the company is a pleasure to go to every day.
Since the future name was described as JEJ (Job EnJoyment) in the book, I decided that I would use the name if I established a company. You cannot understand what our company does from its name only. Conversely, we are a plastic manufacturer now, but I think that the name will allow us to create and develop diverse new businesses in the future.

Corporate Philosophy

Employment creation
Create new opportunities for employment and create more employment.
Respond to changes in the environment and grow constantly
Always gain information and knowledge allowing us to create the future.
Contribute to employees and society
Focus on the employees first and society second.
Fostering and developing human resources
Raise the level of the company through the development and cultivation of new types of human resources.