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Process for manufacturing JEJ good


Basically, we plan “Proposal type” goods originating from JEJ, but there are cases of “Request type” products from retail stores as our customers. We keep an ear to the ground every day and think about where products can be used and about what products to make. Based on this, the concept is decided by considering consumer lifestyle patterns and preferences.



The concept is designed using CAD software and the drawings are created. First, we consider the size and structure simply in 2D drawings, and then decide the design using 3D drawings. Next, we go back to the 2D drawings to complete the details. Here, the naming is also considered.


POINT.3Mold building

This task is commissioned to a mold builder. The builder manufactures the mold by creating the drawings for the mold based on the design drawings.


POINT.4Material manufacturing

Once the shape of the product is completed and the commercialization is decided, we create a logo,POP, and package design that will be the face of the product, and ask specialists aboutestimates/manufacturing.



We set the mold in an injection molding machine and carry out trial production. We repeat trial production while improving defects. When it is confirmed that there are no problems in terms of quality etc., the product is ready for mass production!



We mold the products using the injection molding machine. Through checks by workers and the quality control department, only good products are transferred to the next process.


POINT.7Assembly & Packaging

The produced parts are assembled and packed. The products of JEJ are roughly divided into two categories. For the first category, the JEJ employees assemble the products, affix stickers and POP materials, pack the products in their final form, and have them delivered to customers in a completed state. (Example: Lise , Style Chest, etc.)

For the other category, the products are assembled by the customers themselves.
(Example: Decony chest, Siis unit, Teos, etc.) These products are packed in an individual box as parts.By packing the products as parts, the box becomes smaller and takes up less space. In addition, since the customers assemble the products by themselves, the number of processes can be reduced. For this reason, it is possible to reduce the price.

The packaged goods are piled on a platform called a pallet in the predetermined number.

組立・梱包イメージ 組立・梱包イメージ


The products are placed on a heavy transport truck and shipped to retail stores and trading companies.


The products are displayed in a shop
and delivered to our customers!