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JEJ’s Manufacturing Process


In general, we offer JEJ’s pre-designed goods to our clients. However, we also accept design and production consignments. We are always keeping tabs on market trends, as well as consumers’ lifestyle patterns and preferences. We use this information to develop useful, high-quality goods.



We use CAD software and create drawings for the initial concept. First, we consider the size and structure in 2D drawings before determining the design using 3D imaging. We then go back to 2D to finalize the details. We also devise names for the product at this stage.


POINT.3Mold building

We commission a mold builder for this task. Using drawings of the product as reference, the mold builder creates images of the mold, which are then used in its manufacture.


POINT.4Material manufacturing

We design and create logos, POP, and packaging that will be the face of the product. Clearly communicating a product’s attractive qualities is a vital function of product packaging. Therefore, we request estimates and designs from expert designers during this stage in order to create labeling that best conveys the product’s unique appeal.



We set the mold in an injection molding machine and carry out trial production. We repeat trial production while improving defects. When it is confirmed that there are no production or quality problems, the product is ready for mass production!



We mold the products using an injection molding machine. Through checks by workers and the quality control department, only good products are transferred to the next process.


POINT.7Assembly & Packaging

JEJ products are roughly divided into 2 categories; “no-assembly” products and “assembly-required” products. For the former, JEJ employees put the product together, apply labeling and POP materials, and pack the products. The products are then delivered to customers fully assembled.

In the latter category, these products are individually packed as parts. By packing the products as parts, we can use smaller boxes that take up less space. Additionally, since the customers assemble the products themselves, there is less processing need immediately after production. This makes it possible to reduce the product’s price.

Once the goods are packaged, they are arranged in a predetermined number on a platform called a pallet.

組立・梱包イメージ 組立・梱包イメージ


The products are then shipped by truck to retail stores and trading companies.


The products are displayed in a shop
and delivered to our customers!